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We are proud to announce the following keynote speakers for this year's conference.

SMC-IT 2014 Invited Keynotes

Michael Ryschkewitsch
Dr. Michael Ryschkewitsch,
Space Exploration Sector Head
JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, USA

Dr. Jim Green
Dr. Jim Green
Planetary Science Division Director,
NASA Headquarters, USA

Colonel Myles Nakamura
Chief Architect, Ground Enterprise Directorate
National Reconnaissance Office, USA
James Gosling
Dr. James Gosling
Chief Software Architect
Liquid Robotics, Inc.
Sunnyvale, California
Scott E. Carpenter
Scott E. Carpenter
Information Analyst,
Houghton Associates, Inc., USA

Michael Koller
Michael Koller
Data Systems Manager
European Space Agency ESA/ESOC
Darmstadt, Germany
Aaron Rogers
Aaron Q. Rogers
Program Manager, Small Satellite Systems
JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, USA