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SMC-IT 2009 Speaker Presentation Guidelines


Speakers should prepare their presentations in MS Powerpoint 2003 (or later) format or Adobe Acrobat format, and if possible, submit those to the conference web-site no later than July 15, 2009.  At the conference, they will be uploaded onto the computer resident in the auditorium, and also later distributed in a DVD-ROM published after the conference. Speakers making presentations in the contributed part of the program (July 22 and 23, 2009) should structure their talk for 25 min plus 5 minutes Q&A and change over for the following speaker.  Mini-Workshop speakers should contact their respective mini-workshop organizer about their speaking times.

If the speaker has specialized multi-media presentation requirements (e.g., video DVD, interactive web demos, etc), please contact the SMC-IT organizing committee (at info@smc-it.org) for further discussion on what we may be able to accommodate on-site.

We also ask that speakers meet with their session chair at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your speaking session in the meeting room where you will be giving your talk.  Please introduce yourself and indicate if you have any special requirements. The session chair will review any special logistics with that session.  And if you haven’t already submitted a soft copy of your presentation by that point in time, please leave a copy with the Session Chair after your talk and before you leave the session.


If possible, please email/upload your presentation by end of day July 15, 2009, and we will be able to validate that your presentation will work with the conference room computer ahead of time. After this date, or if you plan to use your own notebook computer to project from, please plan on bringing an electronic copy (CD-ROM or memory stick) to the conference that can be transferred to a conference computer at the registration desk or meeting room after your arrive.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Electronic submission can be either by (1) email to info@smc-it.org or (2) if the file is too large to email, you can upload directly to our server through your web browser:

Username: author
Password: $upload$

The file naming convention is up to you, but we recommend including your last name and paper number (if applicable) in the file name or email subject field. Please:

  • avoid using non-alphanumeric characters and spaces
  • limit character strings to 30 or less                                                                                         
  • add the appropriate (e.g., .ppt or .pdf) extension to your file

You will receive an email confirmation after a successful upload.

Note that we can accommodate files up to 500MB with both the approaches outlined above.  If your needs exceed that, please drop us a note and we can provide alternative methods to get the files to us.


If you use special presentation software or embedded mpeg/quicktime movies in your presentation, you may wish to present from your own notebook computer. This is generally fine, but we encourage you to test the setup during the break period prior to your session to validate compatibility with the resident meeting room projector (which will have a standard VGA connection). We still require you to submit an electronic copy (ppt or pdf) to the conference, no later than the day of your talk. Assistants will be available in each meeting room and the registration desk to help with this if needed.


Please follow the instructions provided by your mini-workshop organizers as to presentation duration, Q&A time allocation, and format. However, we do require you to provide the conference with a soft copy of your presentation for inclusion in the post-conference DVD-ROM. Please follow the same email/upload instructions as discussed earlier for contributed papers.

For information, contact us at info@smc-it.org

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