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Author 1-Page Summary Guidelines

Last Updated: November 6, 2008

Author 1-Page Summary Guidelines

  • Contributed Papers
    • As a suggestion, authors are encouraged to address the following topics in the contributed paper:
      • Abstract (2-3 sentences)
      • Objectives or goals of the work
      • Description of the research, engineering, or operations approach
      • Results
      • Discuss the impact / benefits for space systems
      • Future directions (if any)
  • Mini Workshop Concepts
    • Your proposed prospectus for mini-workshop concept should address the following topics:
      • Full contact information for the principal organizer;
      • Abstract (2-3 sentences)
      • One-page outline of the theme and goals of the workshop;
      • Short statement discussing the relevance of the workshop to the field of IT for space missions;
      • The desired minimum and maximum number of workshop participants - please also state and justify the expected number of participants (to help determine whether the workshop is also financially feasible);
      • The participant solicitation and selection process (also whether open/closed);
      • A brief description of each organizer's background, including relevant past experience in organizing workshops and contact information;
      • A preliminary version of the call for workshop papers that the workshop organizers intend to use;
      • A list of (proposed and already committed) program committee members
      • Requested equipment, room capacity and organization, and any other logistic constraints

1-Page Summary Templates and File Naming Conventions

  • Please use either MS WORD (*.doc) template (click here), Rich Text Format (*.rtf) (click here), or LaTeX template (click here) per the style specified in the IEEE transactions manuscript format.
  • Limit summary to one page (including both text and graphics) using the default font size and formatting given in the template
  • When the summary is completed, please output as a PDF file (*.pdf) to be uploaded to the SMC-IT 2009 web site (http://www.smc-it.org). If you cannot generate a .pdf file, we can accept the source file (*.doc or *.tex). 
  • Please name your files using the following convention:
    • File extension must be included.
    • Before submitting your abstract, please rename your electronic file so that it includes the following elements in this order:
      1. SMCIT09
      2. Principal Author's First Initial and Last Name (use mixed case)
      3. Abs
      4. Filetype extension (.tex, .pdf, .rtf or .doc)

Thus, an abstract by J.Doe would be called:

      • SMCIT09JDoeAbs.tex
      • SMCIT09JDoeAbs.pdf
      • SMCIT09JDoeAbs.rtf
      • SMCIT09JDoeAbs.doc
    • If you are submitting more than one file under the same author’s name, number the files 1, 2, etc. and place this number in the beginning of the file name (for example, 1SMCIT09JDoeAbs.pdf, 2SMCIT09JDoeAbs.pdf etc)
    • If you are revising your abstract, please include a version number (example: SMCIT09JDoeAbs_v2.pdf)
  • When you upload to the conference web site, you will be asked to provide the following information for each author and co-author:
    • Paper Title
    • Name
    • Organization
    • Affiliation
    • Address
    • Country
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Preferred presentation type: Oral/Poster
    • Paper technical category
    • Abstract (2-3 sentences)

Abstract Submission

  • Please upload your 1-page summary (either *.pdf or *.doc/*tex versions) to the SMC-IT 2009 web site no later than 12 midnight PST, Monday, December 1, 2008
  • Submission URL: http://smc-it.org/openconf
  • For the first time in using the site, you may get a pop up security notice announcing that this website is using a self-signed certificate. Please go ahead and "accept" this to proceed further
  • Under the "Authors" heading, select:  "submit a paper"
  • Follow the instructions and be sure to fill in all boxes
  • Summary updates and revisions may be submitted up until the submission deadline
  • If you experience any problems or have any questions, please contact the conference chairs at chairs@smc-it.org

1-Page Summary Revisions

If a correction is needed, please upload the new file with the updated revision number to SMC-IT before December 1, 2008 deadline.

FAQ: How to Use the IEEE Paper Template for Writing the 1-Page Summary

Answer: The IEEE Journal Template provided on the web site is of course intended for full proceedings papers of 8 page length.  We recommend that the same template be used for submitting the 1-page paper summary, but with each section reduced by approximately 1/8.  This means you should still have the following sections (or equivalent) present in the 1-page Summary document:

  • Abstract (few sentences)
  • Objectives or goals of the work (Introduction)
  • Description of the research, engineering, or operations approach
  • Results
  • Discuss the impact / benefits for space systems
  • Future directions (if any) (conclusions)
  • References (just a subset of the total list)

IMPORTANT: The few sentences given in the Abstract section (small bolded font) can be pasted into the Abstract box when you upload the paper into OPENCONF.



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