Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Realities: Creating Value Across the Mission Development Lifecycle with the Application of xR Technologies

Chair: Mr. Robert Berardino (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA)
Date: September 27, 10:30 - 18:30
Room: Sala de Relaciones Internacionales

Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality (xR) technologies are not new; For decades, fundamental research and development across various fields of technology, by many organizations, has been ongoing. This investment ultimately yielded lower cost, reliable hardware and a robust software tool chain, thus creating a platform for technologists and system architectures to now seriously consider these technologies in their operational settings. The space mission lifecycle (design, test, launch, and operations) can increase its effectiveness and create new value by incorporating xR technologies in its space mission information technology systems.

Time Tittle Speaker Organization
10:30 - 10:45 Welcome Remarks | Introduction to Workshop - Welcome, set ground rules and goals for the workshop Mr. Robert Berardino JHU/APL
10:45 - 11:00 xR Technologies: A Primer TBD JHU/APL
11:00 - 11:25 Experience Design Intelligence: APL's Experience Using JPL's Protospace on PSP and Europa Hahne JHU/APL and JPL
11:25 - 11:50 IT Logistic Challenges Implementing xR Technologies DeMatt JHU/APL
11:50 - 12:15 ARMOUR X - Agumented Reality Mission Operations User Experience Tucker JHU/APL
12:15 - 12:45 VR and Mars Rover Operations Ropero, Vaquerizo Universidad de Alcalá
12:45 - 12:55 Break (Bio-break, set up for Panel)
12:45 - 13:30 Panel Discussion / Q&A : Creating Value with xR Tech - Panel discussion moderated by workshop chair on biggest challenges, best practices, etc. Various Various
13:30 - 15:00 Lunch
15:00 - 15:30 xR and Robotics Gallagher GSFC
15:30 - 16:00 Deploying xR Technologies: A Systems Engineering Approach Berardino / Tucker JHU/APL
16:00 - 16:30 Demo Session - Hand's On Demonstrations for workshop particpants Various Various
16:30 - 17:00 Coffee Break
17:00 - 17:25 Closing Remarks / Workshop Re-Cap Berardino, et al Various
17:25 - 18:30 Adjourn (Workshop Participants will linger to let everyone demo what they want…) Various Various