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May 1, 2006
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  • Conference Chairs:
    • Larry Bergman, Ph.D.
    • Sven Grenander
  • Exhibits Chair:
    • Pat Elson
  • Web Site / Graphics
    • Kathy Little
  • Local Events Chair:
    • Marj Burris
  • Steering Committee
    • Richard Doyle (JPL, USA)
    • Peter Hughes (GSFC, USA)
    • Eugene Tu (ARC, USA)
  • Organizing Committee:
    • Larry Bergman, Co-Chair
    • Marj Burris
    • Sven Grenander, Co-Chair
    • Kathy Little
    • Kathya Zamora
  • Program Committee:
    • Joseph Betser (Aerospace Corp.)
    • Stephen Brown (NGC, USA)
    • Michael Campbell (Aerospace Corp, USA)
    • Michel Doyon (CSA, Canada)
    • Martin Feather (JPL USA)
    • Jim Fischer (GSFC USA)
    • Martin Hiller (Volvo / Sweden)
    • Peter Hughes (GSFC USA)
    • Ari Jonsson (ARC, USA)
    • Naoto Kadowaki (ATR / Japan)
    • Masa Katahira (JAXA, Japan)
    • Daniel Katz (JPL USA)
    • David Korsmeyer (ARC, USA)
    • James Kurien (ARC, USA)
    • Louis Lome (IDA USA)
    • Benjamin Moultrie (IBM, USA)
    • Shinichi Nakasuka (Univ Tokyo, Japan)
    • Gisbert Peter (DLR, Germany)
    • Kanna Rajan (MBARI, USA)
    • Antony Satyadas (IBM, USA)
    • Robert Savely (JSC, USA)
    • Tom Soderstrom (Raytheon, USA)
    • Thomas Sterling (LSU, USA)
    • Grace Tan-Wang (JPL, USA)
    • Eugene Tu (ARC, USA)

NOTE: All committee members are with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, USA except as noted.

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