SMC-IT CubeSat Mini-Workshop

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The CubeSat Mini-Workshop at the 2019, IEEE International Conference on Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology (SMC-IT) is a half-day seminar featuring talks and invited presentations on the CubeSat software, small form factor processor boards, system engineering and quality assurance.

The workshop will be moderated by David Barnhart, who leads the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute Space Systems and Technology Group, which combines disruptive research with a hands-on, small-satellite design and launch programs.


Time Topic Presenter
3:15 PM Overview of the CubeSat Mini-Workshop David Barnhart, USC ISI
3:20 PM KEYNOTE: Constellations of Ultralight Spacecraft Forming a Space Solar Power Station Dr. Sergio Pellegrino, Caltech
4:00 PM MARCO and RainCube Telecom Systems Engineering + Mars Helicopter Telecom System Engineering: Making Waves on Mars Dr. Nacer Chahat, NASA/JPL
4:30 PM High Performace CubeSat Compute Hardware Dr. Ian Troxel, Troxel Labs
4:45 PM Mars Helicopter Avionics & Software Tim Canham, JPL
5:30 PM Biologically Inspired Computational Morphology Using SmallSats David Barnhart, USC ISI

Date: July 31st, 2019
Time: 3:15 PM
Location: Cahill Hameetman Auditorium